October, 30th 2003
SDA Cracker Award

1000,- Euro 1000 Euro
The first one who makes it decode this page can take himself the price money. The decrypted plaintext contains all necessary information for the online transfer.

And additional the password for this web site. So the winner can immediately publish himself also here.

Enter the passphrase:

Good luck!

Plaintext and password are deposited in a closed envelope with the notary. The online banking method corresponds to the state of November 2003. I cannot guarantee, that this doesn't change in time. If the bank or the provider will be renamed the web address can change as well. However, the encrypted block remain unchanged. But it can move to another web position.
If the decoded plaintext information isn't correct any more or the winner resides abroad or the online transfer isn't possible for another reason, then send the solution as e-mail to .